While I spend a lot of time puzzling out my anthropological data, I do get out now and then to take a long hike: 25 to 30 kilometers on a sunny day are just about right to get rid of the cobwebs in my head. Of course, a little notebook is always at hand, because while hiking and relaxing I often get a flash that solves a current problem. I started hiking in 1987 when my mother asked me if I'd like to 'take a little walk' with her, and we did some 20 kilometers! I got the 'bug' and have been doing it ever since. The last few years I've helped develop and lay out hiking routes, much appreciated by all as volunteers are always hard to find.

Mother, resting during a hike near Cuyk in Gelderland.

The 20 km hike in Diekirch, in Luxembourg, is one of my favorites.

On the path, somewhere in the western part of Holland

Having been injured in February 2005, I could only serve behind the registration table at the 4-day evening hikes for children. Next year though....

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